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Renovation and construction company “Budivelnyk” was founded in 1994 in Kharkiv. In the first years, the main area of work was repair and finishing works, but, during the development process, a number of logical and expected changes occurred in the main profile of company’s activities. “Budivelnyk” has moved to work with large-scale construction sites, the customers of which are leading companies in Ukraine and in the Kharkiv region.

In the beginning, only natural persons were among the requesters of work of “Budivelnyk”. Nowadays, such giants in banking sector as Ukrsibbank, Ukrprombank, FUIB,together with well-known hotel business brands “Kharkiv” and “Cosmopolite”, and the car market’s leading operators “Bavaria Motors”, “Solly-Plus”, “Alpha Motors” and “Audi Center Kharkiv East”, are among the partners of the company.

Now we have a long and successful history of work with different restaurant and bistro chains. Fulfillment of governmental and budget organisations’ orders takes a significant place in the company’s work. “Budivelnyk” performed renovation and construction work on the leading universities in the city: Kharkiv National Medical University, National Law University, Kharkiv National Economic University etc.

Capital construction and reconstruction of the community property buildings, settled in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region, take a significant place in the company’s pipeline of the already realized projects. Company “Budivelnyk” is a multiple winner of tenders, held by the Department of capital construction, housing and communal services, and infrastructure development of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region.

In parallel with the development of the new directions, serious technical re-equipment has been being performed. Nowadays, the existing range of mechanisms and machines let us to process capital construction works on several sites at the same time. After the completion of modernization and expanding of the resource basis, company has made a transition from the performing separate parts of the construction contract to the realisation of the projects, in which we are standing as a general contractor.

There are 3 separate departments in the “Budivelnyk” company, which are engaged in such directions as capital construction, piles’ construction, and renovation and construction works.

Thanks to the significant portfolio of the already finished projects, both specialists and our colleagues name “Budivelnyk” among the most experienced general contractor organization of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region. Also, the company keeps developing dynamically, with setting its sights on newer and newer goals: expanding of the spectrum of the provided general contractor services, increasing the volume of the works performed together with starting work on the national level by strengthening our position in the regions, where “Budivelnyk” is currently performing. Nowadays, the company has already implemented and keeps successfully realize new investment projects.


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Capital construction
Capital construction

Appearing of the capital construction department in the structure of “Budivelnyk” has become a result of the company’s evolutionary development. Earlier, we’ve worked on the renovation projects in the small placements about hundreds or tens square metres and now our client entrust us construction of the site with a square about several thousands sq.m. Powerful construction equipment fleet and several hundreds of specialist in engineering and workers lets “Budivelnyk” start working on the project from the moment of receiving building permit by the developer.

Repair and renovation
Repair and renovation

The repair and renovation department of the company specializes in creating the interior of apartments, offices, cafes and restaurants. The professional team of the "Budivelnyk" works with the soul and love both on creating a living space at home, and on the interior decoration of commercial facilities. Looking back, we can identify certain segments in which we are the most successful. Of course, it remains important for us to satisfy the needs of customers who trust us to implement the ideas of a cozy and stylish home. "Budivelnyk", as before, is jealous of the quality of the services provided to Kharkiv residents, who decided to arrange repairs in an apartment, a house or a country cottage. At the same time, we have strengthened our positions in the implementation of projects of legal entities.

Pile and foundation construction
Pile and foundation construction

The department of the zero cycle construction performs a range of works on the construction of the foundation. Should be noted, that "Budivelnyk" is the first company in Kharkiv, implementing the method of piling with the help of pressing. The indisputable advantages of pressing compared to other ways of working with piles were appreciated by many construction companies.


The company "Budivelnyk" offers not only the execution of a full cycle of construction works according to the existing design and estimate documentation, but also provides its services in this field. The long-term experience of our team in the implementation of projects of varying complexity guarantees an individual approach and high-quality implementation in the embodiment of your ideas

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24 years
24+ years

Of experience in construction, design and reconstruction of buildings

200 clients
200+ clients

Satisfied clients of commercial and residential real estate

300 projects
300+ projects

Successfully implemented, cozy and stylish projects

25 engineers
25+ engineers

Availability of the qualified specialists and the fleet of construction equipment

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Reconstruction of the emergency department of "Volchanskaya Central District Hospital"

Описание проекта: Reconstruction of the emergency department of the communal non-profit enterprise "Volchanskaya Central District Hospital"

Reconstruction of McDonald's at 39 Sumskaya st. Sumskaya st. 39

Описание проекта: On the street Sumskaya 39 in Kharkov, the total building area is 304.2 m2

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Finishing of construction work at McDonalds, Kharkiv str. Suzdalskie ryadi, 9
Finishing of construction work at McDonalds, Kharkiv str. Suzdalskie ryadi, 9

New metal roofing and facade fences were installed, water supply and sewerage systems were reconstructed, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems were repaired, electrical work was carried out and the surrounding area was landscaped.

The reconstraction of the building for the Municipal Service Center, </br>Kremenchuh, st. Haharina, 14
The reconstraction of the building for the Municipal Service Center,
Kremenchuh, st. Haharina, 14

The area of reconstruction is 2112.8 square meters (three floors). Also the one-story annex with the area of 2596.7 sq.m. has been built. The works have been carried out using the new technologies and the high quality materials.

Finishing of the clean room facilities - University clinic of The Medical University, Kharkiv str. Textylna, 4
Finishing of the clean room facilities - University clinic of The Medical University, Kharkiv str. Textylna, 4

The stage of finishing the clean room facilities of the University Hospital the Med.Uuniversity has been completed. The final stage will be the help in installing the equipment in the operating units.

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