Finishing of construction work at McDonalds, Kharkiv str. Suzdalskie ryadi, 9

Long and productive collaboration connect us with McDonald’s, and just another major project has been the overhaul of a fast-food restaurant on Suzdalskie ryadi Street, 9.

During the short term from July to September, a whole complex of construction works was implemented in accordance with the project documentation and design project. The total building area covers 670 sq. m. 

At the moment, the restaurant is completely ready for customer service: we have adjusted heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; reconstructed water supply and sewerage systems; carried out electrical installation works, and finished the landscaping of the surrounding area. A new metal roof has been installed on the building, and around it there are facade enclosures.

We have used high-quality construction and finishing materials that meet all technical and sanitary-epidemiological standards.