Launching construction of an outpatient practice family medicine in v. Varvarovka

Construction of an outpatient practice family medicine on the street. Central, 115 in v. Varvarovka Volchansky district of Kharkov region (Further AOPSM). It began in November 2018 according to a project developed by the design organization “NBK” taking into account the recommendation on the creation of primary health care facilities in rural areas: the total construction area is 285 m2

The general contractor organization LLC “Budivelnic” during construction, is monitoring compliance with design conditions and the requirements of state standards, building rules. Quality control of construction works is also being implemented.

Construction work is carried out by highly qualified specialists under the guidance of engineering and technical managers with extensive experience.

Performing construction work, we have application of modern, high-quality and certified building materials and safe technologies. The working team is provided with modern technology, mechanisms and professional manual tools.