Performing reconstruction of the hostel on the Pushkin str. 1 in Volchansk

Reconstruction of the hostel on the Pushkin street 1 at buildings number 4 and 5 in Volchansk, Volchansky district, Kharkov region. for housing displaced persons and for the center for the provision of administrative services, branches of the State Fiscal, services of branches of the State District Administration and other services of the Kharkiv region. Volchansky district Volchansk Pushkin str.1

The building of this object is up to 1000 m2 and landscaping area of the yard -750 m2

All construction work is performed in accordance with the approved schedule of work, agreed with the customer, made of high quality modern building materials. The work was implemented in accordance with the project, as well as the finishing work was completed and agreed with the designer and the customer. Reconstruction of the building has been carried out since 2017, and included the following list of works: plumbing, electrical installation, decoration (installation of floor, ceiling, walls), replacement of water supply, ventilation device. Construction work was implemented by highly skilled workers of 4-6 categories with a work experience of 8-10 years. All work was realized on modern equipment with the participation of careful monitoring in the implementation of construction work, compliance with design decisions and the requirements of state standards, building rules. Responsible for the constructing were experienced engineering and technical specialists with work experience of 10-15 years. In 9 apartments for the internal movement of persons completed European-quality repair.