Structure of the company

Brief description of the structure

Renovation and construction company “Budivelnyk” was founded in 1994 in Kharkiv. In the first years, the main area of work was repair and finishing works, but, during the development process, a number of logical and expected changes occurred in the main profile of company’s activities. “Budivelnyk” has moved to work with large-scale construction sites, the customers of which are leading companies in Ukraine and in the Kharkiv region.а.

Thanks to the significant portfolio of the already finished projects, both specialists and our colleagues name “Budivelnyk” among the most experienced general contractor organization of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region. Also, the company keeps developing dynamically, with setting its sights on newer and newer goals: expanding of the spectrum of the provided general contractor services, increasing the volume of the works performed together with starting work on the national level by strengthening our position in the regions, where “Budivelnyk” is currently performing. Nowadays, the company has already implemented and keeps successfully realize new investment projects.

Description of company departments

Design department
1. Design department

The development of the project, according to your wishes, taking into account the technical nuances for further implementation - is the basis on which the whole further cycle of work should be based. The design department of the team "Builder" will help you to implement the most daring decisions.

Labour safety and accident prevention department
2. Labour safety and accident prevention department

Safety in carrying out work of any kind and level of complexity is our top priority. The team of the labour safety and accident prevention department carries out control at all current facilities to comply with the construction process with all relevant legislation.

Renovation and reconstruction department
3. Renovation and reconstruction department

Works on the repair and reconstruction of the premises are the basis for the formation of the company "Budivelnyk". More than 25 years of experience in this area, as well as a solid list of already finished building sites is a guarantee of success as a result of the implementation of your project.

Pile and foundation construction department
4. Pile and foundation construction department

The basis of this department's activity is the fulfillment of the full range of works of the zero cycle at the stage of preparation for the beginning of the construction process. Particular attention paid by our team to the development of new technologies in this niche, for example, pile pressing, allows to implement successfully construction projects of various levels of complexity, even from scratch, and to perform reconstruction work.

Financial department
5. Financial department

The financial department is one of the most important subsidiary units of the company. It is the part of the structure that performs a number of functions without which the implementation of the construction process would be impossible: from the preparation of documentation on the substantiation of your project to the formation of a complete set of external and internal reporting.

Estimate department
6. Estimate department

One of the first items to be agreed upon before any construction will be started is the estimate. The team our estimate department will help you both at the stage of cost estimation and time costs for any kind of construction works, and at the stage preparing all the necessary sets of budget documentation for the project.

General department
7. General department

The main purpose of this department is to implement the auxiliary functions necessary for the operation of all structural divisions of the company "Budivelnyk". Security, supply, transport and administration services help to implement smoothly and timely all construction and preparatory processes.

Future development department
8. Future development department

The development of new technologies, along with the improvement of the already used construction methods, is our company's main approach to the work process. The department of future development of the company carefully considers all the latest trends in the industry to further increase the speed and efficiency of the work performed.

Capital construction department
9. Capital construction department

The possibility of implementing not only standard projects, but also the construction of capital facilities - one of the features of the company "Budivelnyk". In the track record of the team of the department of capital construction more than a dozen successfully completed projects: both commercial and residential buildings.