Reconstruction and finishing of the auditoriums of the Kharkov National Economic University. named after S.Kuznets


One of the main tasks of the company is the performing of the reconstruction of the residential and public utilities. The total area of the auditoriums of KhNEU named after S. Kuznets, on which the works have been performed, is 5000 sq.m. Within the framework of this project, a full range of construction and reconstruction works has been carried out: piling, restoration of foundations, as well as finishing, plumbing and electrical work. In addition, works on improvement have been also carried out. During the implementation of each stage of the project, all norms and technological regulations for construction were observed, which ensured the high quality of our work. Thanks to new modern technologies, the commissioning period was reduced by 5.5 months in comparing to the established.

Construction object
Project photo