Reconstruction of McDonald's at 39 Sumskaya st.


At the end of December 2020, the project on the construction site was completed in a short time. Customer: Enterprise with foreign investments "McDonald's" with which "Stroitel" LLC has been cooperating for more than 10 years; construction works for the re-equipment of public catering establishments due to changes in the technological process of cooking in the building on Sumskaya 39 in Kharkov, the total building area was 304.2 m2 for guests. The establishment is designed for 155 seats and equipment with an express window for quick orders. The restaurant hall is equipped with three two-way and two one-way terminals. All construction work was carried out by highly qualified specialists under the guidance of experienced engineering and technological workers using new technologies from high quality certified building materials

Throughout the entire construction period, the contractor worked together with the customer, the design organization and designers


Construction object
Project photo