Reconstruction of the nursery


Nursery-kindergarten "Solnyshko" is a two-building institution for 280 people. During the reconstruction, the kindergarten underwent a complete energy modernization. A set of measures was carried out aimed at improving the thermal performance of building envelopes and increasing the efficiency of heat supply and ventilation systems by performing the following works: insulation of external walls, replacement of entrance doors, insulation of the basement, reconstruction and insulation of the roof, reconstruction of the lighting system using LED lamps , balancing the internal heating system to ensure an optimal heat carrier and reduce excess heat energy consumption, incl. improvement of the automated control system for the supply of coolant in the hot water supply system, reconstruction of the ventilation system, replacement of old technological equipment with energy-saving ones, construction of ramps at the entrances to the buildings of the institution. After the reconstruction in the kindergarten, it became possible to open two additional groups for 20 children each

Construction object
Project photo