Capital construction


Appearing of the capital construction department in the structure of “Budivelnyk” has become a result of the company’s evolutionary development. Earlier, we’ve worked on the renovation projects in the small placements about hundreds or tens square metres and now our client entrust us construction of the site with a square about several thousands sq.m. Powerful construction equipment fleet and several hundreds of specialist in engineering and workers lets “Budivelnyk” start working on the project from the moment of receiving building permit by the developer. As a result of the partnership, in which our company perform functions of a general contractor, we have dwelling or commercial area that is ready not only for putting into operation, but for people’s living and working in it.



Range of works, performed by the capital construction department, is quite wide:

  • Zero cycle constructions::
    • зexcavation work;
    • pile fields construction;;
    • monolithic and reinforced-concrete foundations construction..
  • ВFrames construction::
    • monolithic,
    • prefabricated;
    • metal.
  • Сonstruction of different types of roofing.
Objects of construction
Completed projects

LLC "Budivelnyk" operates in four directions, each of which is represented in the company's structure by the separate department.

Capital building of the Audio Center Kharkiv Vostok str. Shevchenko, 135

The total building area is 1877 sq.m. A full range of construction works was carried out, starting from excavation and finishing with improvement of the land plot near the construction site, the work has been performed in a timely manner according to the newest construction technologies.

The German House str. Shevchenko, 135

The total area of the house is 4158 sq.m. The construction period was reduced by 2.5 months due to the optimization of the time costs at the stage of the foundation installation.